Chapter 43 – Around the World in Seven Days – page 232

There is no way I can blog about this chapter without giving you a link to the COOLEST video about the countries of the world. I warn you… you may end up watching this a whole bunch of times, trying to sing along with it. (It’s impossible… I think!) 😀

Ready??? (Just don’t forget to come back here.) 😉 Here’s the link:

Now, keep in mind that this video is probably older than I am, so the geography might be a little off but what a fun way to be reminded of what a HUGE world there is out there. Those of us who live in North America can easily forget that there are hundreds of other countries and BILLIONS of other people. We’re just a small part of an amazing and colourful world that God created.

This week’s chapter in Designer Genes has some fun activities about language and culture, as well as daily Bible readings that remind us to love and respect people who are different from us. Don’t forget, tween girls in Liechtenstein, Hong Kong, Zambia, Peru, Russia and everywhere else have designer genes, too! 😀

Here’s something else that’s really fun… Remember our chapter on manners and etiquette (page 212)? So, you probably learned a few tips and have better manners now. But do you know about the different etiquette rules around the world? Try this cool quiz, which has some VERY surprising answers!

Now you’re ready to travel the world! 😀

Well, girls… that’s it for my blog updates, because we started going through the book on November 1, 2007, beginning with the next chapter (Love Your Neighbor):

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God bless you, my little sisters in Christ!


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