Chapter 42 – Send Me! – page 227

Today was the last day of reading for this chapter in Designer Genes Devo. So… what do you think? Do you feel like you want to get out there and volunteer and use your talents to bless other people?

It’s pretty amazing how many things a tween can do to bring joy and beauty into the life of someone who’s sick or lonely or poor. YOU can be like a window that God’s love shines through. Actually… I just had a thought. More than just a window, which is a flat piece of glass, you can be like a prism! Have you ever seen one of those glass shapes (usually a triangle) that create a rainbow when light shines through them? Kind of like this…

The piece of glass by itself isn’t too interesting to look at, but when it faces the sun or another source of light at just the right angle, it creates a beautiful display of colours.

Just like the prism, if we’re looking at Jesus, His love can shine through us and touch the lives of people around us in a special way! I pray that you will find ways to share God’s love with others.

Remember Jonah? Don’t run away from the opportunities God gives you to carry out the special plans He has for you. Jonah ended up being swallowed by a big fish!

Speaking of Jonah, here’s a fun puzzle page you can print out:

I’ll try to check in again tomorrow or Thursday for chapter 43. After that, if you’re new to this blog, you’ll be able to go back to the November 2007 entries to continue with the rest of the chapters. (We started going through the book last November, so it’s almost been a year already!)

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