Chapter 38 – Let’s Play House – page 207

When I was little, my cousin Nora lived right next door to me and our backyards were attached, so we always had lots of space to play in and, whenever the weather was nice, we begged our moms to let us play outside together.

One of the games we liked to play (outdoors or indoors!) was “House”. (Sometimes we liked to play “Office” or “School”, too, if we got bored of “House”.) 😀 I guess it was fun to pretend to be grown-ups. What about you? Did you play house when were you were younger? Maybe you still enjoy pretending games now.

But if you’re a tween girl, I would guess that you don’t only pretend to take care of a house. I’m sure you already help your mom or dad for real! Some girls start taking care of their baby brothers or sisters from a young age, or maybe they learn to cook and clean and do laundry when they’re young. Others don’t have those kinds of responsibilities until they’re older.

This chapter in Designer Genes has a fun quiz so you can test yourself and see how “domestic” you are.

Here’s another fun activity: a simple word-search puzzle about chores.

Which of these chores do you have to do? Which is your favourite. I bet I can guess! 😀