Chapter 35 – Good Medicine – page 191

Hi there! Sorry I’m a little late posting this week’s entry. Hope you weren’t sitting on the edges of your seats waiting. 😀

Well, we’re on the “funniest” chapter of Designer Genes. It’s all about humour and games! A few of you even have your names in this chapter because you submitted some jokes to include in the book. 😀 Woowoo! How exciting and fun is that?

I’m sure you girls have been doing all sorts of fun things this summer, and hopefully you laughed a lot, too. I’d love to hear about it! Please write to me at Share a joke or something funny that happened to you, or tell me what your favourite game is.

This weekend and in the days that follow, I hope you’ll remember to do the daily devotions in Designer Genes and to thank God for the fun and funny things in your life!