Chapter 33 – You Can Do It! – page 180


A lot of girls would answer, “Oh, I don’t know… I don’t really have any talents.” Sometimes we think that if we’re not good at something like painting, singing, acting or writing, we’re not talented. No way! God has given EACH of us special talents… and they’re right there in our “designer genes”!

This week’s chapter will help you think about talents in new ways and, I hope, discover what your own unique talents are. Have fun with the activities and be sure to do the daily Scripture readings.

Something else to remember is that God doesn’t think some talents are more important than others. In other words, you should never think that someone else’s talents are more special or interesting than yours — and, of course, you also shouldn’t think that your talents are better than someone else’s! We’ve all been created with a special purpose and what IS important is that we do our very best with the talents God has given us.

I like how the picture below shows that every type of ability, skill or talent is important for “the Body of Christ” (the Christian “family” all around the world that we belong to).

Here are a couple of puzzles you might enjoy!

Word Jumble  –  Word Search 

Next week we’ll be talking about creativity. Ready? 😀