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Chapter 30 – Dangerous Stuff – page 163

Have you ever seen a Bugs Bunny episode when Elmer Fudd is trying to hunt him down and he says something like: “Be vewwy, vewwy quiet… we’we hunting wabbits!”

Well, you know, for the devil, it’s always “rabbit season” and the Bible warns us that he’s always prowling around trying to find ways to tempt us to sin. So, just like Bugs Bunny had to get away from Elmer Fudd, we have to stay away from Satan and sin!

Did you know that even Jesus was tempted by the devil? (You can read about it in Matthew 4:1-11.) The amazing thing is that Jesus didn’t sin! He knew the devil was trying to trick Him and he resisted.

The daily Bible readings in this week’s chapter of Designer Genes will help you learn how to “say no” to sin, too… and God is always right there with you to give you strength and wisdom.

When you say no to sin and say yes to God, you’ll feel even happier than Bugs over here!

Before I sign off, here’s a link to a really good story/lesson about resisting temptation: At the bottom of the page you’ll find some links to colouring pages, puzzles and quizzes! 😀

Have a great week!



Chapter 29 – What a Character! – page 158

Quick! What’s the definition of “character”?

Did you think of a person in a book, cartoon, TV show or movie… such as Peter Pan, Hannah Montana, Nancy Drew or Prince Caspian?

The word “character” can also be used when you’re talking about someone’s inner qualities, such as honesty, courage and kindness. This week’s chapter in Designer Genes has fun activities that help us think about some of the character traits each of us should have, especially if we are followers of Jesus.

Here’s something else to try: Make a list of all the words you can think of that describe Jesus (however much you may know about him). Then look at that list and circle all the words that you think honestly also fit you. Got a bunch of words left over? Why not pray and ask God to help you develop those character traits?

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Have a great weekend!


Chapter 28 – Got Any Fruit? – page 154

Just before I sat down to write today’s post, I had a big handful of raspberries. Yummmmmmmmm! 😀

Back in chapter 5 of Designer Genes (You Are What You Eat), we talked about the importance of eating well and how fruits and vegetables (at least five portions) are an important part of our daily nutrition.

In this chapter, we talk about spiritual fruit!

Imagine having an apple tree or peach tree in your backyard… and never seeing any fruit on it. You might start to wonder what kind of tree it really is! When you see apples on a tree, you know exactly what kind of tree it is, right?

It’s like that for us when we become Christians — when we ask Jesus to forgive us of our sins and invite Him into our lives to be our guide and friend. His Holy Spirit starts to change us to become more like Jesus: loving, joyful, peaceful, good, kind, patient, gentle, faithful and self-controlled. WOW!

Here’s a simple colouring page that can help you remember the fruit of the Spirit:

Oh, and look! A Fruit of the Spirit jigsaw puzzle! Just give it a minute to load up:

One of you recently suggested that Designer Genes should have memory verses. So here’s your challenge for this week! Try to memorize Galatians 5:22-23. As you go over the fruit of the Spirit in your mind, ask yourself if people can see those qualities in your life. And remember: God is with you to help you develop those fruit!

Have a great week! 😀


Chapter 27 – Let’s Get Together – page 149

You may sometimes hear words in church that make you go…

Huh? What does that mean??

Words like redemption, consecration, atonement, and justification may leave you scratching your head! What about the word “fellowship”?

As this chapter in Designer Genes explains, fellowship is basically the time we spend with other Christians in church (or even outside of church sometimes) while we worship God, study the Bible, pray together or just talk together about the things God teaches us and does in our lives. God wants us to have fellowship so that we can help each other — and it’s a great way to practice loving and being kind! 😀

Do you have fellowship with other Christians? What do you do? Is it a big group? Just your own age? I’d love to hear about it!

Have a great week!


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