Chapter 25 – What Is Worship? – page 139

Wow — we’re just about halfway through Designer Genes already. I can hardly believe it! 😀 I hope you’ve all been enjoying the book.

This week we’re taking a look at worship. Do you know what that means? We use it a lot at church and most people who use the word are usually just talking about the singing time or the Sunday morning service. Worship is a lot more than just singing great Christian songs and closing your eyes and maybe even feeling kind of warm and fuzzy inside because you’re inspired by the music.

Worship is focussing completely on God and recognizing how awesome and powerful and great He is. It’s loving Him more than we love anyone or anything else in the world. It’s taking time to talk to Him, learn about Him, and do the things He wants us to do… because we’re just so excited by our relationship with Him.

Wooo! That’s pretty heavy, isn’t it?? Can you imagine feeling that much passion about God? Well, just think about your best friend, you favourite pop star, athlete, pet, TV show, ice cream or anything else you get really excited about. Can you feel that way about God?

I hope that this chapter and the daily devotionals will help you really get into worshipping God!

Here’s some fun stuff for you to do…

Bye for now… Don’t forget to take time to worship God today (don’t wait until Sunday)!

Love you all,