Chapter 24 – Conversations with God – page 134

Hi girls! Sorry this is a day late, but my day was just packed yesterday!

So… how do you stay in touch with your friends? There are so many ways to communicate with people nowadays:

  • telephone / cell phone
  • e-mail
  • text messaging
  • MSN or other chat sites
  • Facebook, My Space, etc.
  • blogs
  • Skype
  • snail mail (yes, people still use paper and postage stamps!) 😀
  • face-to-face

Modern technology has given all kinds of cool ways to communicate with each other! But even the most brilliant scientists could never invent anything nearly as amazing as prayer.

Prayer is how we communicate with God. You don’t need any fancy gadgets. You don’t need a long-distance plan or phone cards. You don’t need batteries, you don’t have to worry about getting a connection and you don’t even have to remember a whole vocabulary of acronyms or smilies to get your point across!

And as CUUUUTE as the pic below is 😀 you don’t need a buddy next to you or to get on your knees (although sometimes that’s a good idea because it helps you to really focus on God and have a respectful attitude).

This week’s chapter in Designer Genes is all about prayer and how important it is. Just as chatting with your best friend helps keep your relationship strong, praying regularly keeps you connected to God!

I know summer weather is calling you outside, but I hope you’ll take time each day this week to read the Bible verses for this chapter and to answer the questions. Think about all that God has done for you and how He blesses you every day. Now think about how much He’d love it if you talked to Him! Why not take some time right now? 😀

God bless you!