Chapter 23 – Getting to Know God – page 129

When I was a tween, we used to sing a song in Sunday School that went like this: “King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus, hallelujah!” We would repeat it a few times, getting faster and faster until we just couldn’t sing it anymore! 😀

The words are super-easy but think about what the phrases “King of kings” and “Lord of lords” mean… There are some pretty powerful people in the world who rule countries, companies, or organizations. But none of them — not the greatest king or president or religious leader — are over God. He is the king over all the kings, the president over all the presidents, the parent over all the parents, etc.

Well, seeing as our book is called Designer Genes, I thought it was cool that God is also the designer of designers. In other words, even the most creative and successful designer in the world… was designed and created by God!

Cool, eh? 😀

The most amazing thing is that this same God who is so powerful and awesome cares about little me and you. He not only cares, but He wants us to spend time with Him, to get to know Him, to talk to Him. He wants to bless us with a meaningful and joyful life. Isn’t that exciting!?

So, as you begin Section 4 (Your Soul) with this chapter on “Getting to Know God”, I really hope you’ll make some time to read your Bible, talk to God and even sit quietly so He can talk to your heart. He loves you so much!

 Have a great week!

Ann-Margret (

P.S. The answer to last week’s quiz: Enoch and Elijah. How many of you got that right?