Chapter 21 – Dollars and Sense – page 115

Isn’t it amazing how people focus on money so much?

Tweens, teenagers, and adults always seem to be talking or dreaming about things they want to own or things they want to spend money on… clothes, shoes, movies, iPods, vacations, beauty treatments, sports equipment, food, amusement parks… and the list goes on and on and on…

We’re kind of like Mr. Greedy!

As you’ll learn in this chapter of Designer Genes — especially through the daily Bible readings — being rich won’t make you feel happy, but being happy will make you feel rich! And true happiness comes from knowing and loving Jesus. 😀

Of course, money is also a fact of life and we do need some to survive, so this chapter also gives some tips for being smart about your money.

Here’s a helpful quiz about earning money on the PBS Kids site: Making Money

And here are some games on the United States Mint Web site: H.I.P. Pocket Change (The games are still fun even if you live in Canada or another country!)

Have a great week! 😀