Chapter 20 – What Do You Want to Do? – page 109

Which of these images do you like the most?

A  B  C  D 

E  F  G  H

According to a Web site I was looking at, your choices tell you what you should become when you grow up, in this order:

A – a mechanic

B – a social worker

C – in the military

D – an artist

E – a manager

F – a teacher

G – a doctor

H – a politician

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm… What do you think? I’m thinking this probably isn’t the best way to decide what career path to follow! You see, I liked design “H” the best… and I totally am not into politics! So, although some psychologist somewhere can probably guess some things about you by analyzing the design you chose, there’s nothing perfect about this way of deciding what to be when you grow up.

(How about you? Did the answer match your interests at all?)

This week’s chapter in Designer Genes gives some tips about thinking ahead to your future career, and how to stay focussed on what God wants for your life. Don’t miss the fun word search puzzle and be sure to do the daily devotions.

In the meantime, try this fun quiz that gives you an idea of what kind of job might suit you when you grow up. Again, it doesn’t give a perfect answer, but it’s kind of fun (and makes a little more sense than the design quiz!) After I answered the questions, it told me I should consider being a social worker, painter or writer — now that’s more like it! I love to work with the kids at church, I enjoy sewing and crafts (so that’s the artistic side of me) and I’m a writer!

Not bad… 😀

See you again next week!