Chapter 18 – School Daze – page 97

When I was in elementary school (I guess it’s called grade school in the United States), I really enjoyed doing homework. I wasn’t a big fan of research projects but I enjoyed doing math or English exercises and I loved reading! I remember that most of the kids were allowed to borrow two books a week from the library but my friend Natalie and I, because we read so fast and always returned our books on time, were allowed to borrow seven. That was fun!

I didn’t like everything about school… I was shy and quiet so sometimes I felt intimidated by bigger kids, even though I was pretty tall for my age! I had skipped Grade Two, so I was always with kids about a year older than me.

But I enjoyed learning and liked most of my teachers. Out of all my years of school (I went as far as college), I think the elementary grades were the best!

What about you? Do you like school? Do you enjoy homework? What do you like best about school?

This week’s chapter in Designer Genes features a fun word puzzle and “Top Ten Ways to Do Well in School”. I hope you’ll take a look at those and remember to do the daily devotions, too.

Check these sites out, too, for fun but educational activities: Youth On-Line Club: Back to School and abcteach.

(By the way, sorry I don’t have any photos or graphics this time… I’m having difficulty uploading them on WordPress… gotta work on that!)

Have a great rest of the week… and I hope you enjoy your classes! 😀