Chapter 16 – Feeling Dizzy? – page 87

I love all the different emoticons you can find on the Internet now. They’re really useful in e-mails and chats when you want to express what you’re feeling in a visual way instead of trying to describe it in words. For example… 

“Ooh, I am so not happy right now!”

 “Hey, I wish I was there to cheer you up. I care!”


  “Ewww, that is so NASTY!”

 “Ohhhhhhhhhhh… I didn’t know that….”

I think I have more than 200 emoticons saved on my computer… but very often I can’t find one that perfectly expresses something I’m feeling. I think that’s because we humans have such a huge range of emotions that we can feel at various times.

One of the activities in this week’s chapter of Designer Genes encourages you to pay close attention to the emotions you experience throughout the day. How many times did you feel angry? Happy? Scared? Annoyed? Proud?

 Worried?     Disappointed?   Embarrassed?

Feelings come and go, and sometimes they get us into trouble! I encourage you to do the daily devotions this week and to ask God to help you manage your emotions wisely. When you feel angry, God can help you to feel calm so that you don’t react in a sinful way. When you feel excited or proud about something, He can help you to still be sensitive to the feelings of others who may be going through a more difficult time than you are. When you’re scared, He can give you courage and peace.

I pray you’ll have a great week, and that you’ll get to know your Designer a little better as you read your Bible and share your feelings with Him.