Chapter 12 – Parents Are People Too! – page 63

This blog has gotten an amazing amount of traffic the past two days. Know why? People are finding it when they do a search for “friendship”. I thought that was cool! 😀

This week’s chapter in The One Year Designer Genes Devo is all about parents. As I’ve mentioned in the book, many kids don’t have the “traditional” set of parents (their biological mom and dad living with them). Some live with step-parents, some with only one parent, some with other relatives taking care of them, some in foster homes, etc. And even those who live with both natural parents may not always feel close to them. Parents come in as many shapes and sizes as kids do!

It’s not always easy to respect our parents — and sometimes we just don’t feel like it because we’re a little selfish and want what we want. Right? I pray that as you do the daily devotions this week, God will help you to have an attitude toward your parents that pleases Him.

No matter what your situation is, remember that you have an awesome Father in heaven (God) who loves you to pieces! Check out His amazing qualities:

  • He is always there. He’s never too busy with other things or other people to talk to you. In fact, He wants to spend time with you!
  • He completely understands you. He knows why you’re hurting, why you’re happy, why you’re scared, why you’re angry…
  • He wants to give you everything you need (and He can!) Not everything you want, but everything you need.
  • He may not stop bad things from happening in your life, but He will always be there to walk through them with you. He won’t run away in bad times like friends sometimes do.
  • He loves every little thing about you, even the stuff you don’t like about yourself — your squeaky laugh, your clumsiness, your frizzy hair…
  • When you admit to Him that you’ve sinned and ask for forgiveness, He not only forgives you but He also erases your sin and never reminds you about it!
  • He has an amazing plan for your life, full of wonderful blessings and surprises. You just have to follow Him as He leads you.

Father’s Day is still about two months away, but why not take some time today to thank God for being your special Father? And then thank Him for your earthly parents, too, and pray for them — wherever or whoever they are!

Have a great week!