Chapter 9 – The S Word – page 46

I’m not sure how old some of you are and I don’t want to go into the subject of sex more than you’re ready for (or more than your parents think is appropriate) so this week’s blog update will be short. There’s probably enough information in the book, and if there’s anything you’re not sure about, I’d encourage you to chat with your mom or another Christian lady you trust.

I just want to say that it’s perfectly natural to be curious about this subject, so don’t feel guilty if you think about it sometimes or have questions… but remember that there’s a lot of confusing (and wrong!) information out there today. We all need to be careful about what we watch, read, look at, or listen to.

Ask God to help you keep your mind pure and to make you strong when you feel tempted by anything that doesn’t honour Him. And ask Him to help you not feel embarrassed if you need to talk to someone. It’s better to get answers from someone who cares than to keep things inside or look for information in the wrong places.

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Have a super-duper week! 😀