Chapter 8 – The Mysterious World of Boys – page 41

This week’s chapter in Designer Genes begins a new section of the book: Your Relationships. There’s quite a bit of advice in there about how to handle friendships with boys. I encourage you to read through it, even if right now you think, “Ewww… boys are SO WEIRD!”

The fact is, boys and girls are really different in many ways — and not just on the outside.

The ABC network did a test one day where they gave a bunch of boys and a bunch of girls some lemonade that was mixed with salt instead of sugar. The boys acted all grossed out.


The girls politely said it was okay, even if they didn’t like it.


Then the kids were all given nicely wrapped “gifts” that had just socks and a pencil in it. Again, the boys reacted with a lot of disappointment while the girls said things like, “Oh, I could really use a pencil!”

It seems that, as girls, we want people to think of us as “nice”, while boys usually prefer to be known as “funny” or “smart”. That doesn’t mean that girls are always nice or that boys are always smart! But we do often behave differently.

Studies show that boys usually do better in math and science subjects at school while girls do better with reading and writing and usually study harder. We learn differently than boys do. Boys take more risks and do “crazy” things like slide their skateboards down stair railings!

Girls usually find it easier to talk about their feelings than boys do. And we don’t think it’s weird to hug each other!


Whatever the differences are between boys and girls, let’s remember that God made and loves all of us and we should respect each other. This week, ask God to help you have a proper attitude toward boys. And if there’s a situation that doesn’t feel right (with a brother, a boy at school, or even someone older), talk to someone!

You can also write to me at any time. This weekend I was excited to get an e-mail from a 10-year-old girl in Washington (the state) who is reading Designer Genes and had a question. I hope to hear from you, too! You can reach me at:

Have a great week!