Chapter 6 – Say No, Stay Sober – page 30

You may wonder why there’s a chapter in Designer Genes about the dangers of smoking, alcohol, and drugs. Most young girls already know those substances are harmful for them and maybe even think they’re gross, right? I’m pretty sure if someone came up to you and said, “Hey kid… want some dope?” you’d give them a weird look and say something like, “No! Are you crazy?”

But did you know that more and more kids in middle school or junior high are being pressured to try drugs? And a lot of them are giving in! You may not feel tempted now (or even later) to try a cigarette or have a beer, but knowing what the risks are can help you in two ways:

  • You can have more confidence when you say “no” because you’ll know you’re doing something smart… not something “uncool”.
  • You can help a friend who may find it difficult to say “no”.

You’ve only got one body and one brain. If you take good care of them, they will take care of you! If you put garbage into them, one day you may be…


I like to think of my body as being on loan to me from God. It actually belongs to Him, so I need to keep it pure and healthy!  

Here’s a word search puzzle that will remind you of some reasons not to smoke! (If you want to print it out to work on it, just right-click on it with your mouse and choose “Print picture”.)


You can find more word search puzzles on all kinds of subjects here: 

For more information about the dangers of alcohol, drugs, and smoking, check out these links on the PBS Kids Go! Web site…

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