If this is your first visit to the Designer Genes blog (I’m hoping many of you got my book for Christmas), welcome! To all of you, I wish you the very best for 2008 and I pray that as we go through Designer Genes together we will all (yup, me too!) enjoy the exciting adventure of getting to know God better and discovering how special He’s made each one of us.

Chapter 1 – The Skin You’re In (page 3)

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? Are any of them about taking care of your body? I always tell myself that I need to eat more fruit, drink more water, excercise more, floss my teeth more often and put lotion on when my skin gets dry.

It’s important to take care of ourselves, not just because we want to look beautiful, but because we need to keep our bodies — which are a gift from God — healthy and in good condition! People take care of their pets, their cars, their computers. Isn’t even more important to make sure the skin, bones, teeth, organs, hair, and blood that keep us alive are cleaned and nourished?


Yup, it is!

I have some other “resolutions” for this year, and they have nothing to do with how I look on the outside. They’re all about inner beauty. This week’s devotions in Designer Genes will help you focus more on getting gorgeous from the inside out. It doesn’t matter what colour your skin is, how big your nose is, how curly your hair is or how short you are… you have designer genes that guarantee you can be a beautiful person who attracts people, not just to yourself but, more importantly, to the Great Designer, God!

If God cares enough about a rose, or has the creativity to make it look like this…


How much more thought and love do you think He put into designing you? Awesome thought, eh? 😀 If God says you’re beautiful, don’t let anyone else tell you you’re not!  

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