Designer Genes Devo – Page 275 – “Online… or Out of Line?” 

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This week’s chapter is about using the Internet, which is kind of funny because you had to get on the Internet to come here and read this!

When I was writing Designer Genes, I had tried most of the various features of the Internet, including chat rooms, on-line games, virtual worlds, instant messenger programs, etc. I hadn’t yet tried Facebook, but I did sign up this summer to check it out. Know what? After a few months, I said, “Tata!” to all my Facebook friends and closed up my account. Is that because I think Facebook is bad, or not good for a Christian? Not really… but I realized that it was taking up too much of my time, and I was starting to feel discouraged by things I saw on the profiles of people that I knew were Christians, pictures or comments or jokes that I felt didn’t honour God.

I remember many other times when I might have checked out a chat room or gone to a site and then thought, “Hmm… I don’t think God wants me to be here!” It takes a lot of discipline to not give in to your curiosity or temptation and participate in on-line activities that may have a bad influence on you. That’s why we need friends, parents, mentors, teachers — and God! — to guide and advise us. If we’re careful about how much time we’re on-line, and what we do, the Internet can be used for good things.

Like writing a blog for the coolest tween girls!


In the year 2000, a study showed that tweens spend about 4 hours a week surfing the Net. I’m curious to know how much that number went up in 2007! What do you think? Maybe 7 hours? More? Less? I wonder!


Cute, eh? 😀 But there’s some truth in there that we all need to remember… you never really know who someone you meet on-line is. Please be very, very careful!

Now, I don’t know about you but that’s enough Internet time for me right now. I will go and do some work… and then I have a few more Christmas cards I still have to write and mail!


P.S. I want to tell you about something exciting I did this weekend: I cut my hair! See my picture in the top left corner of this page? Well, imagine all that long hair gone… it now reaches just under my ears!


I know, I know! It seems crazy! (And I do kind of miss my hair.) But I did it because I wanted to donate my hair to…

 locksoflove.jpg! (Click on the pic to go the Locks of Love Web site.)

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Half an hour later…

Yes! I got the answer I was looking for! According to this article (it’s quite long, so your parents may want to read it more than you do), the average kid spends 1.25 hours a day surfing the Net (compared to two hours watching TV). That comes out to nearly 9 hours a week. That’s a big jump from the year 2000, but I’m pleased to see that the article also says most kids prefer outdoor activities to technology. Smart!! 😀