Designer Genes Devo – Page 260 – “Meaningful Music”

What’s the first song you ever learned? Was it “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”? Maybe “Itsy, Bitsy Spider”? Or how about “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”? I’m not exactly sure what my first song was but I’m pretty sure “Jesus Loves Me” was one of my early tunes!

Have you ever noticed that music is a big part of a baby’s life, especially soft, comforting and happy songs? That’s because music can really influence our feelings, our development and even our health. And as we grow up, our personalities also have an effect on the types of music we enjoy or choose to listen to.

But music is kind of like food, so we have to choose wisely and pay attention to how our music influences us. Just as eating the wrong things can make you feel sick, cause you to put on too much weight or even poison you, making poor choices about your music can influence you toward wrong thoughts, bad behaviour, and negative attitudes.

You’ll find some helpful tips on choosing good music in this chapter of Designer Genes, especially in the daily Bible readings. Be sure to do the devotions each day and to write down your responses!

Now it’s time for a little quiz! 😀 Do you know what this is called?


It’s a staff (or stave) and it “holds” musical notes and other symbols. And these…?

cleftreb.gif clefbass.gif

That’s a treble clef on the left and a bass clef on the right.

If you want to learn more about some basic music theory (or if you just need a review), I found a pretty good site that could be helpful:

Of course, you don’t have to know anything about music to enjoy listening to it… or singing it! The Bible, especially in the Psalms, tells us to praise God with songs… and it doesn’t say we have to have great voices! Who cares if you’d never become the next American Idol?

God loves to hear you sing, especially when your words and music honour Him!



BONUS! Here’s a word search puzzle about musical instruments. Enjoy! 😀

And if you want to have some fun with music, check out Morton Subotnick’s Creating Music site!