Designer Genes Devo – Page 255 – “Good ‘Ad’vice”

What’s your favourite TV commercial? I think this one is really cute:

The little girl makes me smile every time she says, “I luv you.” ­čśÇ But did you know that I had to really search on the Internet to find that video clip because I couldn’t remember the name of the juice being advertised?

That happens to me a lot. I often pay close attention to commercials because I either enjoy the music, the situation or how pretty/cool/funny it looks. But I usually can’t tell you what brand or product is being advertised. (Nope, I’ve never bought or tried Cool Quenchers!) I think that might be┬ábecause I’m older and I’ve learned to ignore the products… but that doesn’t mean I don’t still get influenced by ads!

About a month ago I saw an Old Navy┬ácommercial for pretty fall sweaters… and a week later I went to Old Navy and actually looked for one of the sweaters in the ad… and bought it! (It was the last one they had, and it was in my size!) I hate to admit this, but I’ve only worn it once. I think it’s really pretty but somehow I keep thinking that it just doesn’t go┬áwith any of the skirts or pants I have. Thankfully the sweater wasn’t super expensive but it was kind of silly of me to make that impulse buy, wasn’t it? I’m sure I’ll wear it again a few times, but I didn’t need the sweater. I was influenced by a TV commercial. If I had never seen the commercial, I wouldn’t have even know the sweater existed!

Studies show that┬áduring four hours of television, about 100 commercials are shown! And really young kids can’t tell the difference between a commercial and a TV program (I didn’t know that!), so they don’t realize that commercials are trying to sell something to them.┬á

The truth is: companies are spending lots and LOTS of money to try to get kids and teens to buy their stuff. I just read that Sports Illustrated for Kids has ads for minivans. Um, hello?! Seems crazy, right, because I’m sure you don’t know any 12-year-olds who can buy a minivan! Aha… but did you know that kids have a really strong influence on their parents and what they buy? Yup!

Remember when you were little and you’d be at the store with your mom? “Mommy, I want these cookies! Can I have this cereal? Mommy, can you buy me this doll? Mom, I want this! Mommmmmmmy, I really really really waaaaaaaant this toy! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease? Pleasepleasepleaseplease????? But Mom I WANT IT!!!!!!

health_20061013_defiance_banner.jpgYikes! Poor mom! ­čśÇ

I’m sure you didn’t always get every thing you want (and probably still don’t) but you’ve probably influenced your parents a little bit about what to buy. And that’s probably because you’ve been influenced by commercials and advertisements!

Don’t forget: TV, magazines and billboards are not the only places we see ads. There are also tons of ads on the Internet that we may not really notice, but our brains are still influenced (even mine)!

Be sure to read this week’s chapter in Designer Genes to learn some interesting facts about how we are affected by ads… and don’t forget to read the daily Bible verses to help you be more careful about how you are influenced by messages you hear and see.


P.S. Here are the answers to last week’s quiz about famous animals! The cats: Garfield, Felix, Sylvester. The dogs: Goofy, Scooby Doo, Lassie. The rest: Daffy Duck, Roo, Nemo, and Remi (from Ratatouille!) ­čśÇ