Designer Genes Devo – Page 247 – “Furry, Feathery Friends”

Who doesn’t like animals? I can’t imagine anyone not liking at least some kind of animal!

My personal favourites are giraffes and bunnies. Okay, I admit that giraffes are not soft and cuddly like rabbits are but, come on… how can you resist this face? 😀


I have lots of giraffes in my office (not real ones!), including this adorable poster of a mom and baby giraffe:


(That’s a corner of my office where I do crafts and sewing.) 😀

Remember the horse and cat who became friends (go back to my post from two weeks ago)? Some animals are cute, some are strong, some are fast, some are huge, some are noisy, some are funny (have you ever watched penguins walking or dogs chasing their tails?)… but they were all designed and created by God! Why not take a moment to thank God for all the interesting animals He made?

Lana, a lovely 7-year-old in my Sunday School class, says she likes dogs most of all, especially the ones who look like toys. At the zoo, her favourite animal is the seal. She remembers when she used to live in Croatia and her grandfather took her to the zoo. One day, a boy was playing with a rubber yoyo when it broke. The clever seal they were watching at that moment threw the toy back to the boy!

I thought you might like to see some cute pictures of animals that Lana drew for me:



Don’t forget to read the devotions in this week’s Designer Genes chapter! You might be surprised to see how much you can learn about animals from the Bible.

Before I sign off, let’s see if you can name these “famous” animals. I’ll give you the answers next Monday!





and a few other well-known animals…


Have a great week! And remember, if you have pets, take good care of them!