Designer Genes Devo – Page 242 – “Only One Earth”

Welcome back, girls! This week’s topic is the earth and the environment we live in.

I think it’s really great that so many kids these days are concerned about the environment, pollution, recycling, and saving our natural resources… and you probably know more about this topic than I did at your age because it’s become such an important issue in our society today.

But did you know…

  • recycling aluminum cans saves 75% of the energy needed to make them? That makes a far bigger difference in protecting the environment than choosing paper over plastic bags at the grocery (which is obviously a good thing, too!) And aluminum cans can be recycled over and over and over and over again!
  • more than 120,000 aluminum cans are recycled in the United States every minute?
  • in 1972 (the year I was born!) 53 millions pounds of aluminum cans were recycled? Sounds like a lot? Think again. These days, we recycle MORE than that amount… in one week!
  • about 40,000 trees are cut down every day to produce the newsprint that Canadian newspapers are printed on? (That’s just in Canada… that number would be MUCH higher in the United States!)
  • in Regina (the capital city of Saskatchewan, Canada), the “Big Blue Bin Paper Recycling Program” saves 5,000 trees every month?
  • plastic that ends up in a landfill can take up to 400 years to break down?
  • some types of plastic bottles can be recycled into carpets, stuffing for pillows and sleeping bags, car parts, floor tiles and even t-shirts?

Okay, now what is this?


Yup… it’s the symbol for recycling. Easy, right? But do you know what the technical term for it is? (I’m pretty sure most adults don’t know either… unless they’re really good in advanced math!) It’s called a Möbius Loop. (You can learn more about what a Möbius strip is and try a fun activity on the PBS Kids’ site here: Mobius Strip.)

Alright… enough about math! Let’s get down to business! winking.gif

Three verses in the Bible remind us that we don’t actually own the world — God does. (Exodus 9:29, Psalm 24:1, and 1 Corinthians 10:26 all say “the Earth is the Lord’s.”) What does that say to you? Do you think it’s okay for us to be careless about the environment? Or do you think we’re responsible for taking care of this beautiful planet that God has generously given to us to live on?

Read this week’s chapter in Designer Genes to get some ideas on how you can help protect our environment… not just because it’s a smart thing to do, but especially because it pleases God when we take care of the things He has entrusted to us.

I’d love to hear about environment-friendly things you do! Here are just a few ways I try to reuse, reduce, and recycle:

  • I almost always save the wrapping paper and ribbon from gifts and use them again to wrap other gifts, or for other craft projects.
  • I cut out pretty or cute images from birthday and Christmas cards and use them to make gift tags.
  • I save nice pages from magazines and catalogues and make envelopes out of them. This is easy to do. Just take a regular envelope, carefully open up all the sides and use it as a template to trace its shape onto your page. Cut out the pattern, fold it, glue or tape the edges and you’re done! Here’s a picture of some mini-envelopes I made from a clothing catalogue… 



  • When I buy something small from a store (such as gum, socks, or a CD) or when I rent a DVD, I tell the cashier that I don’t need a bag… and I just put the item in my purse or tote bag.

At some point today, take a minute to stand outside, take a look around you at the wonderful world God has created (believe me, you can do that even if you live in the big city like I do!) and thank Him for it. And then promise Him that you will be good to it!

One more fun link before we go: Trash to Treasure Crafts. Enjoy!